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Published April 13, 2020 by Justin Cashman

Orthopedic Trauma in the “Age of Coronavirus”

Injury The bullet ripped through the cellphone, held up as the only defense against an armed intruder. Its path then continued through the wrist, pulverizing bone and ligaments, before exiting the forearm shredding tendons creating an exit wound three times the size of the entrance. Transported to a trauma center, the patient was evaluated and […]

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Published September 20, 2014 by Justin Cashman

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): What is it? Is it for me?

Platelet-Rich Plasma is a term we have heard used when discussing the treatment of elite athletes such as Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal[i]. What is it? Why is it used? What does it do? Should it be reserved for elite athletes, or can it be of benefit to us mere mortals? Plasma is the straw […]

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