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Digital X-Ray - Performance Orthopedics

Isn’t technology great? Recent advances have become a disruptive force in Healthcare – changing the way we deliver care. Who would have ever thought a high-quality, digital x-ray machine could fit on a physician’s desk? Here at Performance Orthopedics we use the OrthoScan DI extremity x-ray to diagnose your injury – fast. This enables us to get athletes back on the field if everything is “ok” or initiate care if it is not. With digital x-ray the images are available immediately and can be given to the patient on a thumb drive as a record of their injury or to share with friends and family. Another advantage of digital x-ray is live fluoroscopy which enables us to see x-rays of bones while the patient is moving their extremity. It does give a higher dose of radiation,but for certain diagnoses, such as an unstable ankle joint, the bones can be seen moving away from each other – indicating a non-functional ligament. Who’s excited about what technology is going to bring to the field of medicine in the next ten years?